Lenny code fiction - Make my story English lyrics/translation

I know what I have to do now
It's my life one and only

Nanzenkai mo namida fuitemo jamenaishi
Kantan na hibi da to kitai wa shitenai
Follow my way kuyashisa made tsurete
Follow my way sara ni saki wo mezasu
I might wipe my tears many thousands of times, but the regret won't stop.
I don't expect that simple days are going to come.
Follow my way, I'll take it with me until I'm frustated.
Follow my way, furthermore aim at the the things that lie beyond.

Heibon yori kandou wo oukashite yume mitai
I know what I have to do now
Konna ni takusan no jinsei ga aru naka de
Seikai wo mitsuketa
Rather than ordinary dreams, I want to see dreams that glorify excitement.
I know what I have to do now.
Within so many lifes that exist,
I found the right thing.

Make my story
Boku ga yuiitsu boku de aru tame no
Chikai no you na ketsui no you na omoi to itsumo ikite itai
Kitto itsuka nakisou na hi wa kuru
Sonna toki ni furikaereba susumeru michi wo tsukutte itai
Make my story
I am unique, for the sake of my existence.
Like a vow, like a decision, I want to live with these thoughts.
Surely, sometime the days of crying will come.
If I look back at that time, I want to make a way that continues!

Nanzenkai mo nanimo shiranai aitsura ni
Sanzan na kotoba de hoho wo utarete kita
Have it your way koko made no fushin wa
Have it you way kimi ni wa wakaranai
A thousand times, those people who don't know anything
have been struck with harsh words on the cheeck.
Have it you way, the insincerity until now is
Have it your way, unknown to you.

Seikou yori jissai wa shippai wo tsure kite
I know what I have to do now
Donna ni genkai wo oikosu to kimete mo
Muda datta hibi mo aru
Rather than a succes, reality is taking failures with it.
I know what I have to do now
No matter how many times it decides to go beyond it's limit.
There were days it was useless.

Make my story
Kuchi ni dasezu kokoro de todometa
Kanashisa nante takusan atte jibun made utagaisou datta
Itsuka kitto nakisou ni naru kurai
Jinsei ni oite daiji na hi wo sore demo sagashite ikiteitai
Make my story
Without letting it out of my mouth, it stopped my heart.
Having had a lot of sorrow, I'd almost seemed to be doubting myself.
One day, surely I'll be crying.
Leaving an important day in my life behind, even so I want to search and live!

Hyaku atta kutsujoku wo itterya kaeru you na
Hibi ga matsu koto dake miteru
Konna ni takusan no jinsei ga aru naka de
Seikai wa jibun de mitsuketai
A hundred things happened, gotta tell about my disgraces, like it's returning.
I'm only looking at the fact that days are waiting.
Within so many lifes that exist,
I want to find the right thing myself.

Make my story
Daiji na koto hodo tsutaeru no wa
Sukoshi kowai shi nigate da keredo wakatteite itsumo ototteita
Boku ga yuiitsu boku de aru tame no
Nani mo kamo ga kokoro ni atte kiezu ni boku wo tsukutteita
I know what I have to do now
Make my story
The most important things I want to tell are
a bit scary, I'm bad at it, even so it's divided, always falling behind.
I am unique, for the sake of my existence.
Anything could happen in the heart, it made me how I am, without disappearing.
I know what I have to do now.



  2. My favorit song, thank you for translate

  3. They seem eager for sorrow. Seems strange and untrustworthy that a person would excitedly chase after misery as an end for themselves. Certainly seems more common that the near sighted might unitentionally create their own suffering for the sake of self discovery, but to knowingly do so... Either this isn't the nobel song I would like it to be, or I have lost something in its translation.

    1. I don't know. But the thing I did understand about this song is that life is not always about having successes, it's realistically written I think. Even so the one who wrote this, knew that no matter what might come, he'll come through be staying honest to his own being. That way it could actually be a nice connection to One Hope Philia

  4. This song is so awesome maybe one day i can sing it on stage :)


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