TK from Ling toshite sigure - katharsis English lyrics/translation

Tatoeba me ga samete subete wa maboroshii datte
Kisekimeita mousou kanaete hoshiinda
For example my eyes are opened and everything is an illusion.
I want to make, the wild idea that looked like a miracle, come true.

Oh boku ga egaita tsumi de
Oh ketsumatsu midasanaide
With my sketched sins.
I don't want to throw the conclusion out of order.

Itsuka kimi to mitteita kono keshiki wa
Dare ni mo watasanai to chikatta no ni
This scenery I saw with you,
I vowed to never hand it to anyone, though.

Kowashi tsuzukete boku wa nanika wo sukuu kedo
Kawarihateta ima ni kakumei no knife
The me who continued to break down, wants to save something.
A present that stopped changing, a knife of revolution.

Sasayaku you ni sashite
Hikari ni michita sayonara wo
I'll miss you I'll miss you
Tsumi wa itsuka horobiru
Pierce me modestly,
with a farewell that was led the way by light.
I'll miss you I'll miss you.
Sins will one day perish. 

Boku no sei de kowareta mono dake ga utsuru
Kuzureru afureru kanawanai mousou
I'm to blame that only broken things are reflecting
Breaking down, overflowing, delusions that won't be granted.

Tatoeba me ga samete subete wa shinjitsu datte
Higekiteki na siren wo mitasanaide
For example, if my eyes are opened and everything is truth,
Don't let a tragic siren go off.

sekai no kizuato ni
mirai wo hanashite hoshii yo
Onto the scars of this world,
I want to release the future.

Hodokeru you ni sashite
Hikari ni michita sayonara wo
I'll miss you I'll miss you
Batsu wo boku ni atae yo atae you
Pierce me like you'd unravel me,
with a farewell that was led the way by light.
I'll miss you, I'll miss you.
Give me my punishment! Give it to me!

Subete no hokorobi wa boku ga eranda sadame dakara
Oikakete oikakete
Itsunomanika torawaretemo
Kimi wa mada boku wo aishite wa kureru no?
"Boku janakya boku ja dame da
Boku janakya" ga loop suru
All the torn seams are my chosen fate after all.
Chasing it, chasing it.
I'd might be able to trap it before one knows.
Will you even so be able to love me?
It has to be me, but I'm no good for it.
It has to be me" will loop!

Tsumi mo batsu mo boku mo kimi mo
Horobosezu ni nokosareta sutatta
Kizu ga itai yo hodoketa scenario
Kagayaku mirai wo kimi ni aitai yo
Sins too, punishments too, I too, you too.
are left, never to die out.
My wounds hurt, in this unraveld scenario. 
I'll be longing for you to you in the shiny future.

Boku wo sashita naifu sae mo
Itsuka kitto hikari wo sasu kara
Even the knife that stabbed me,
will someday shine a light.


  1. So long waiting for it.....

    1. I understand, but now I can’t live without the song anymore. You might know this feeling after hearing TK’s songs.

    2. Great, the same feelings that happen for me too. First Unravel, and now Katharsis, these song really makes me sad somehow, considering how much Tokyo Ghoul means to me... And it's gonna be over.

  2. Could it be 'shinaiyo' instead of 'scenario'? It could make sense with the line in context, since it would turn out as 'I won't hurt you, I won't chase you'. And then it would be he's letting go for now, but will get to 'you in the future'.

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll take it in consideration

  4. Thanks for taking time.
    I appreciated it. maybe used to re-translate for other languages.

  5. sense u did a wrong at the ending
    *Koko wo sashita nekkutai mo*
    *The necktie that was pierced here too,*

    The original Romaji is "Koko o sa shiatńĀnekku tai mo". surely it isn't "Sashita nekkutai". by the way, Sashita Nekkutai did not means right in the song but "Koko o sa shiataanekku tai mo" means "Here also the difference theater neck pair" or something same

    i already thank you for lyrics

    1. Official lyrics aren't released yet. Take note that it will take until probably november 21st, before the offical ones are released. Until then lyrics aren't official.

  6. I'm still trying to find the official Japanese lyrics. I wish someone who has bought the album could share the lyric book. Btw, are these official now? Or you haven't made any changes?

    1. I bought itūüėä. I can check if you’d like that? I translated by using the official Japanese lyrics. I did make some changes.


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