Takuma Terashima - Nameless Story English lyrics/translation

Mada daremo shiranai fiction wo koeteku
Na mo nai monogatari wo hirake!
Exceeding a fiction that no one knows,
the nameless story will open up!

Miageta sora ni hirogaru kibou "What's the name?" aimai na hibi ni madou
Tachisukumu you na haruka na yume mo zetsubou mo kurai tsukushite
In the sky we look at, a hope is spreading out: "What's the name?" I doubt it in these ambiguous days.
Like pertified, a distant dream and despair too wil snap at it.

Negai no katachi kizamikomu koe motto motto tsuyoku fly high!
Carving the shapes of our wishes, my voice is more and more stronger, fly high!

Mada daremo shiranai fiction no mukou de
Jirijiri to mebaeta shoudouteki na skill to stay alive
Ima kanjiru subete ga real nara itsuka akashi ni naru darou
(Hitotsu hitotsu kimi wo) nazuke ni yukou
(to the east, to the west, to the high)
Stand up to the period! Saa yukou!
At the other side of a fiction nobody knows,
There's a slowly approaching and budding impulsive skill to stay alive.
If everything I feel is real, it will once day become a sign right?
(One, just one to you) I'll name you.
(to the east, to the west, to the high)
Stand up to the period! Now, let's go!

Ikiru kate wa doko de umareru no We belong to yakkai darake no machi
Me ga kuramu you na asayake sae mo wasuresaru kurai no hibi de
Where does the food to live grow? We belong to town covered with troubles.
Like our eyes are dazzled, the morning glow will even be forgotten in the dark days.

Kamisama wa ittai nani wo kureta no
Kotae sagasu tabi e start out!
What on earth did God give us,
start out a trip to search for answers!

Sono te wo kasumete koboreru kiseki wo
Girigiri de tsunaida shougeki teki na brand new destiny
Kimi kara afuredasu namida mo itsuka hokori ni naru darou
(Isshun isshun kawari) toki no naka de
(Hikaru kimi no asu e)
Now or never you can go!
Robbing those hands of a spilling miracle,
we barely to a connected impulsive brand new destiny.
The tears overflowing from you, will also become pride one day, right?
(Changing in just a moment, a moment) within time.
(It'll shining onto your morning)
Now or never you can go!

We just... itsuka egaita fiction no mannaka de
Hirihiri to wakitatsu honnou teki na sono kagayaki wo
Jibun dake no real ni dekita nara mou madou koto wa nai darou
(Kimi no monogatari ni) saa nazukeyou!
We just... In the middle of a fiction, written one day,
A stunning, sudden instinctive shining radiance...
If I only did my own reality, I wouldn't be able to doubt anymore, right
(To your story), now I'll name you!

Mada dare mo shiranai fiction wo sono te de
Egaki tsuzukeru koto wo yamenaide you just be yourself!
Me no mae ni hirogaru subete ga kimi wo irodotteku darou
(Hitotsu hitotsu kimi wo) nazukete ikou
(to the east, to the west, to the high)
Stand up to the period!
With those hands, write the fiction nobody knows yet.
And don't stop doing it, you just be yourself!
The things opening in front of you, will colour you right?
(One, only one to you) I'll go and name it,
(to the east, to the west, to the high)
Stand up to the period!

(You can shout you can fly you can go!)
"Nameless story" is over.

There's one part in cursive, I still can't figure out how to translate it correctly. I have a bit of doubt about it.

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