Explanation about early translations of songs

When a new anime season starts, the official lyrics of a song aren't published directly after the broadcasts of the first few episodes. That's why I most of the times put a piece of information at the bottom of the blogpost. Saying that the official lyrics aren't published at the moment et cetera. 

You probably know about this message, but I sometimes look at sites who use my translations as subtitles to their videos. WHEN LYRICS AREN'T OFFICIAL YET, MY TRANSLATED LYRICS AS AN AMATEUR AREN'T FULLY TRUSTWORTHY!

Please be aware of the fact that this might happen. And please take this piece of advice very seriously:

You can use my translated lyrics, when the official lyrics are released and when errors are revised. Be aware of the fact that official lyrics aren't released yet, when there's a message under a
Saying that the official lyrics aren't trustworthy yet etc. written in bold. 

When this message is deleted, you can be sure the official lyrics are uploaded and I revised it just like the translation.


  1. Hi, please I want you translate Last Petal of FAKY

    1. First off all, you're probably on the wrong page. With that, I won't do that song translation.

  2. Most of all, it's better to see someone doing the good work of not leaving it all undone until official lyrics are out.
    I, for one, thank you a lot for your work.


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