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Hello dear visitors of this blog, I've been thinking the last couple of days how I've learned how to speak Japanese myself and what kind of progress I made the past years in how to speak Japanese. That's why I wanted to give you guys a couple of tips how to learn Japanese.

Know what you like about Japanese language.
The most important of learning a language is the connection you have with the language. As for myself, I have interest for Japanese language because of the music. I've learned Japanese through watching like hundreds of anime's and listening a song I like for dozens of times. Through 8 years of listening music and watching lots of anime, I can translate a song, I might not even like, in like an hour.

My motivation were my interest in anime and music. Yours could be a crush that speaks Japanese and you need to know what she/he is saying, or maybe you like Japanese drama's. Just find something of your interest, that makes learning a language much and much easier.

Keep track of your progress.
Once you speak a language, it's easy to forget meaning of words after not using the language for less than one year. I've experienced that my French has got worse than ever after not having French class for like 2 years. Exposure to language is so important!

My way of keeping up my Japanese is by making translations through this blog. If you want to know why I started this blog, put a comment in the comment section below. I'll create a page for that some time, at least if there's interest to know it.

Know your language skills
I know it sounds stupid, but you need to know what your difficulties are in learning Japanese. For western people like I am, it might be difficult to learn use a new writing system like the Japanese. That's why I still find some difficulty in writing Japanese. Though my understanding of Japanese words is my forte. When you understand where the difficulty lies, you can start working on it.

Start as soon as possible
Japanese was the language I partly teached myself, when I was 12 years old. When you want to start learning it, don't wait until you're like 30 years old. Start as soon as possible, the most ideal is a bilingual education. That's not possible for everyone though. Starting to learn the language when you're a child or a teenager is the more favourable than when you're older.

4 simple though very important things when you want to learn a language. The most important is to keep it up. From a simple thing like "This is me" (これが私です), you'll be able to learn Japanese. Through connecting words you know and unknown words, you'll surely learn using it bit by bit.

Good luck!


  1. Hello again. I don't mind knowing why you started the blog. Also, is there any nickname (or your real name if you would like to share) what I can call you by. That is if it is okay with you of course.

    Take care.

    1. It's rather difficult to think of a good nickname. I'll think about it the next days (If you have a suggestion, I'll be glad to hear!). I'd personally like to stay anonymous.

      I'll be looking the next days at your request for Akashi. I'll give reading the lyrics in Japanese a shot, that's why it might be not fully accurate. It's not my forté after all.

      My Uncompleted Story

  2. If you prefer to stay anonymous, that is perfectly fine with me! Please do whatever is most comfortable with you.

    You are trying really hard for me. It is most appreciated.

    I got your new rule about one at a time. You can go through the ones I already gave one at a time. I will hold off from asking for a while!

    Take care of yourself.

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  4. im learning Japanese by myself too!! yeah by watching anime and music j-pop. I can give 2 website that help me a lot, & provide free japanese workbook to practice your japanese writing skills.

    Free workbook :
    Free info tutorial :

  5. Also, check out the Imabi website - it has a good breakdown of the Japanese language from beginning Japanese all the way through Classical Japanese. It's written in a complex fashion, but it works pretty good.

    To follow up with that, I also recommend the Grammar Dictionaries published by the Japan Times. While not as useful for actual learning (it's published in alphabetical order of the Japanese words in the particular piece of grammar), it does go over many nuances in grammar that aren't normally covered in textbooks. They're not overly expensive, but there are three books (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) and they run on Amazon for about $30-40 each. They're fantastic books, but unless you're like me and don't mind reading them like a book, it's a bit more useful as a tool to check through when you come across something that seems to be translating weird.

  6. Sorry for the double post - but the previous post was mine.


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