What's your favourite?

I thought it would be fun to create a page where people could give their opinion about the things they like. That's why I created it. To start off, I'd like to ask you:

  1. "What is your favourite Japanese song?", 
  2. "What's your favourite anime?"
  3. "Who's your favourite Japanese singer?"
  4. "Who's your favourite Japanese band?"
If you want to reply to this, put a comment in the comment section below.

My anwers to these questions:

  1. I have periods I can listen many many times to the same song. My favourite this moment is "Bright Burning Shout" by Takanori Nishikawa. Others are: "lull  ~Soshite bokura wa~" by Ray and "Endless Star" by Asaka. But my most favourite of all is "Kaze no Uta" by FLOW. 
  2. I have to say my favourite anime of all time is: "Kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo!" (Konosuba) in my opinion the author of the light novels has a really great sense of humour!! Currently I'm reading the Light Novels, they're amazing too!
  3. My favourite Japanese singers are KOKIA, Fuki and Minami. KOKIA has such a calming voice and very clear with that. Her songs helped me through a period of many frustrations with songs like: "I believe ~Umi no Soko kara~" which helped me believe in a better future. That's why I tried to translate her latest album: "Tokyo Mermaid" fully. Furthermore I love Fuki's music, when I watch her live perfomances, I see a really energetic singer with great talents. She has literally shown that she can sing any genre of music. Finally, Minami. I really respect her, she had to make a re-debut after not releasing something after nearly 2 years, with a new stage name. I think she really works hard, so I hope "One Unit" will be a great succes! She creates wonderful music after all! 
  4. My favourite band are fhána and FLOW. I've been following fhána since they debuted and I've seen an amazing growth in their music production! I know FLOW since the release of Kaze no Uta, that's such an amazing song!! Every time I listen and watch the opening theme of Tales of Zestiria the X, I get tears in my eyes after the I see Sorey standing on the edge. I don't know why I get tears, but the scene and the music match so well, it feels really nostalgic to me somehow.


  1. 1 - I would say that my favorite J-music is a tie between Kuchizuke Diamond by Weaver ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2n7KBUzkxQ ) and Mudai by amazarashi ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKGFDaNTXUM ), those short followed by Re: Re by Asian Kung fu Generetion. (I do appreciate some romantic lyrics :3 )
    2 - My favorite anime is Deltora Quest (https://myanimelist.net/anime/1826/Deltora_Quest), even though is not as good as the classics Fullmetal and Code Geass still is my favorite by the quality of the adaptation of the original book series.
    3 - Favorite Singer....... That one is difficult........
    How abou that:
    1-Asian Kung Fu Generation
    1-Kisida Kyoudan & the Akeboshi Rockets
    1-Little Glee Monster
    1-Kenshi Yonezu
    1-Yanagi Nagi
    All of them are 1º place in my ears.

    1. You got great taste! I agree with the most of your favourites.

  2. This is a tough question! I feel that the classics along with their openings, endings, and some character songs are the best. I don't have a lot of knowledge about J-music like that because I only get introduced to the groups through anime. Then I only go through their major singles; I don't have their albums or anything. I like "Kuchizuke Diamond" too; the anime was really great as well.

    The seiyuu themselves are really great singers as well, whether they are providing character songs or part of the new trend of creating idol groups (like B-Project, Tsukipro, etc.) It is truly their individual strengths that bring out the best music that we all enjoy so much.

    Maybe you agree?

    1. I agree, I think it's important to keep having your own style. Listening to soundtrack writers like Hiroyuki Sawano and Yuki Kajiura, made me realize how great it is that everyone has their own style.

  3. Yes! Isn't it great how both of them are still composing?!! It proves that your appeal can span decades if you are really good at your craft!

    Take care.

    1. I also agree, if I was to add one great group of seiyuus I would say that Walkure (from Macross Delta) are a great treat, the character Mikumo is voiced by Junna, also known as the one who preformatted the opening for Mahoutsukai no yome, the full collection of their music’s is great.
      I also like to enjoy game soundtracks from japonese games, I think that is kinda standard for them to be great :v just as like the main theme for the next Kingdom hearts, that one is beautiful peace of art (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-w009dK_bM).
      I would like as well to add more names to my favorite singers :p I forgot to mention Nano and (K)now Name, both awesome voices.

  4. 1. "What is your favourite Japanese song?"
    Hmmm so many good song in this universe XD
    It's kinda hard to choose so i think i will tell you some of my favourite j-song
    Supercell - My Dearest, Kenshin Yonezu - Peace Sign, Little Glee Monster - Dakara Hitori Janai, Aimer - Akanesasu, LiSA - Shirushi, LiSA - Thrill Risk Heartless, LiSA - Shiroi Toiki, Motohiro Hata - Himawari No Yakusoku, Goose House - Hikaru Nara, NoisyCell - Innocence, Ayumi Hamasaki Blue Bird, UverWorld - Gekidou, and many other good song (I think i already write so much list XD)
    2. "What's your favourite anime?"
    I love to watch anime !! Until now i think the best anime still Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (This anime really make my cry so much), the other anime i like is One Piece, Death Parade, Love Live !, Steins Gate, Boku No Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Angel Beats !, Tokyo Ghoul and many other goooooddd anime XD
    3. "Who's your favourite Japanese singer/band?"
    I have so many favourite singer/ band is LiSA she is very energic and sing a very good song, SCANDAL Band, Kenshin Yonezu, Aimer, Little Glee Monster, Nico Touches The Walls, UverWorld, Aoi Eir, Goose House, TRUE, RADWIMPS
    I'm happy we can share about which song and how we love the song so much. Thank you for making this good page :D

  5. Death Parade is so great!! Never going to forget that vicious opening.
    About Scandal there is a music of them that I personally adore, is called Runners High, that one is awesome <^-^>

  6. Hi!

    To answer your questions: :)

    1. Difficult choice! ;) Lately, I'm addicted to the song 'The fine everyday' by Kicco. It has that nice summer and rock vibe! Kalafina also hits the spot with the song: 'Koibito no Mukashigatari no Yuugure no'. It has that great Kajiura sound! Goes great with the start of the colder seasons!

    2. Hm... I can't choose... Hidamari Sketch and Chaos;Child.

    3. KOKIA, Ayane, Ito Kanako, Maiko Fujita, Yukari Tamura, Aimer, Suara

    4. Zwei, ALI PROJECT, Asriel (disbanded)

    Keep up with your blog, bro! I'm proud of you!

    See ya! ;)

  7. 1. "(heart) km/h" - by Ray from Long Riders!! is probably my favorite, but there are quite a lot of good songs out there. "Hikaru Nara" by goose house from Your Lie in April, "ebb and flow" by Ray from Nagi no Asu Kara, all the songs from Fuuka (particularly "Yukihanabi" by Hayami Saori, "Climber's High" by Numakura Manami, and "Watashi no Sekai" by Nakajima Megumi), "Four" by Faky from Black Clover (how I found this website, in fact), and "Dakara Hitori Ja Nai" by Little Glee Monster from My Hero Academia are among my other favorites. In addition, from a non-anime standpoint, I recommend checking out "Drive Song" by miwa (very fun song), "Hikari e" by miwa (from the Rich Man, Poor Woman drama series), and "ray" by Bump of Chicken featuring Hatsune Miku. (A lot of "Ray" in this list...)

    2. Favorite anime depends on mood, but Your Lie in April is probably my most recurring favorite. Other great choices - Hyouka, Working!, Haikyuu!!, Long Riders!!/Yowamushi Pedal, Angel Beats!, Log Horizon, Your Name, Garden of Words, Assassination Classroom, Tsuki ga kirei... Anything with good pacing, good emotion, and good characters. Also, voice talent helps - most of what I've seen with Hayami Saori, Sakura Ayane, Taneda Risa, Hanae Natsuki, Inoue Kikuko, Hisakawa Aya, Ootsuka Akio, Kamiya Hiroshi, Kamiya Akira, and Koyasu Takehito (who is one of my favorites, but some of his roles are... weird.) tend to be good shows.

    3. My favorite solo singers are probably miwa, Touyama Nao, Nakajima Megumi, LiSA, and Ray, with Hisakawa Aya and Hayashibara Megumi as more classic choices. Dean Fujioka will probably have to get an honorable mention just to get a male singer on this list.

    4. Too many to mention! Probaby Spyair at the top, with goose house a close second, but with Bump of Chicken, fhana, Weaver, GLAY, µ's, ClariS, AKINO (with and without BLESS4), Rookiez is Punk'd, Faky, Flow, and Granrodeo out there, there's a lot to choose from. For classic shoutout, L'Arc en Ciel must be mentioned.

    In addition, from my experiences, any anime with a fhana theme song has been worth watching. I mean, look at the list - The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior, Gingitsune, Miss Kobyashi's Maid Dragon, Comet Lucifer, Celestial Method, The Eccentric Family, Witch Craft Works, Knights & Magic, Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya, Tales of Zestiria the X, and Marchen Madchen. I think the only one I haven't seen yet is Marchen Madchen, and I've enjoyed all the other series, most of which I watched primarily because fhana did theme music for it.

    Phew, that's a lot to say. I'm pretty sure I missed some stuff, but that's a good portion of it.

  8. You're not a fan of Mami Kawada?

  9. 1. Favorite Japanese songs:
    1.1. Over "Quartzer" by Shuta Sueyoshi feat. ISSA (Kamen Rider Zi-O opening)
    1.2. EXCITE by Daichi Miura (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid opening)
    1.3. Journey Through the Decade (Kamen Rider Decade opening)
    1.4. Justiφ's by ISSA (Kamen Rider 555 opening)
    1.5. Alive A Life by Rica Matsumoto (Kamen Rider Ryuki opening)
    1.6. Sorairo Days by Shoko Nakagawa (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann opening)
    1.7. vestige by T.M. Revolution (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)
    1.8. The World by Nightmare (Death Note first op)
    1.9. Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi (Mobile Suit Gundam 00 S2 opening 1)
    1.10. Raimei by T.M. Revolution (Thunderbolt Fantasy)

    2. Favorite Anime:
    2.1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    2.2. Code Geass
    2.3. Death Note
    2.4. Mobile Suit Gundam 00
    2.5. All three of the Robot Romance Trilogy (Combattler V, Voltes V, and Daimos; this is a tough choice as I have watched all three of them)
    2.6. Cross Ange
    2.7. Darling in the FRANXX
    2.8. SSSS Gridman
    2.9. Kill La Kill
    2.10. Digimon Adventure

    3. Favorite Japanese Singers:
    3.1. Takanori Nishikawa/T.M. Revolution - I become a fan of him through the songs "INVOKE", "Meteor", "IGNITED" and "vestige", both songs are used in the Gundam SEED anthology.
    3.2. Shuta Sueyoshi of AAA - I first of him alongside his band AAA when they performed Kamen Rider Den-O's op, Climax Jump. Recently, he along with ISSA collaborated for Kamen Rider Zi-O's opening song, Over "Quartzer".
    3.3. Hiroyuki Takami of access - I first seen him in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid as Masamune Dan. Even better he has performed insert songs "Wish in the dark", "JUSTICE", and "Believer". Apparently, I also heard him perform the first opening for Code Geass.

    4. Favorite Japanese band:
    4.1. JAM Project - More notably its members such as Hironobu Kageyama and Masaaki Endoh.
    4.2. L'Arc~en~Ciel - I first heard of them from the Gundam 00 Opening, Daybreak's Bell.
    4.3. Rider Chips - For those who are into Kamen Rider, Rider Chips is known for heart-pumping music that the Kamen Rider series has to offer.


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