Why I started this blog and thank you!

I have a reason why I made this blog. Because of Bashiek's interest in it, I at least wanted to tell you guys why.

Until last year I was in second grade of university of applied sciences. I was working as a trainee on my internship, aiming to become a teacher. But things didn't work out for me. I wasn't fit to be a teacher, that's what I was told by two people. Those two people had made my life very depressing, above all they always told me I was fault, though I passed the first year of university.

One of those people is still making someone really depressed, I don't hold a grudge but I dislike people who bully people. It makes me rage.

After 3 days, I had to go back to university in order to have a conversation with my mentor from university. I asked whether I could be getting another internship, but sadly I couldn't get that anymore. My mentor from university wouldn't or couldn't do anything for me anymore. Since that time, I'm working at home. Sometimes still depressed, I can't become a teacher anymore.

But this all was became a reason to me start something anew. Since december, past year I started this blog. At first I only had a couple of viewers everyday, but after I started translating more I got many more viewers. That's also the time I got less depressed and here's why: Lately I'm getting more and more comments from people that they appreciate my translation. I feel appreciated by you guys, those comments helped me getting through a period of feeling depressed. 

Lastly my message to you all:

Thank you very much for your time to visit my blog, I'll keep on working hard for you all. 

This is the thing I want to say to you in Japanese. 

心の奥から私わあなたに感謝する、君たちが僕を救った。これから私は君たちの好きな歌を訳します、 よろしくお願いします。 
そしてこれから私を "証ー君名乗て下さい
From the bottom of my heart, I'm thanking you. You guys saved me, from now on I will keep on translating the songs you love. I look forward to keep working with you.
Furthermore, from now on you can call me "Akashi-kun" (Reference to my name in English).


  1. Sometimes things don't work out the way we want, but i believe you will deserve something better.
    I want to keep support you Akashi-kun !!
    Thank you very much for your hard work.
    This quote always make me feel better.
    "Hard work will always be Rewarded" - Takahashi Minami (AKB48)

    1. Same for me, I want to keep cooperating with you! I'll translate and you make awesome videos from them. I'll be supporting you too!

  2. Mate, one thing I've learned in life is that if someone tell you that you are not fit for something, they don't know what they are talking about. Everyone is able to do anything they really wanna do, by themselves or with others helping. We live in society and should act like it, so asking for help is always okay ;)

    Glad to know you are feeling better, glad to have found this blog, I know how hard it can be at times when depression hits, been there myself for years as well, it's different for everyone but after I crawled out of my hole I was so much stronger!

    And one more thing, Akashi-domo:
    Two things I always repeat to myself:
    And, from CCS:

    1. What you tell is amazing! I respect you very much and I'm happy that you have shared what happened to yourself.

      I always listen to "Anata wa shiawase ni naru" or "Suteki na koto ga anata wo matteiru". Those two songs of Maiko Fujita are about good things that are waiting for you and effort you put in things, they always helped me through depressing times. You can find the lyrics on this blog.

    2. Hello Akashi-kun! Glad you chose such a great name! It will always remind me of one of my favorite anime Kuroko no Basuke!

      I am so sorry about what happened. People can be so cruel in this world. I cannot say that I know how you feel because everyone's suffering is always different and very real. Mine is not like yours and vice versa. All I can say is that I am glad that I came across your blog, and I hope that I can keep interacting with you in the future for as long as you like. I hope you feel the same way.

      Please take care of yourself.

      Yours faithfully,

  3. It's a relieve that u feel better now, keep up the good work, we will always support u, Akashi-san. hope ur dreams will come to a fruition. ganbatteeeeee


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