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Ato ikutsu no jiyuu wo
And a bit more freedom...

Saa ore no ban da sentou battaa
Nani ga shippai ka nante mada
Shinu mae ni doukasen mitsukete
Now, it's my turn, the head batter.
What is a failure? And such again,
before I die I find a fuse.

Ogamu kami nante inai yo
Hoshiku mo nai yo
Demo negau koto wo yamenakatta
Koukai osore tachidomaru ashimoto
There's no thing like a God to worship,
I don't want one either.
But I couldn't stop to wish, 
Regret, fear, stop underfoot.

Wasuretai koto wa wasurerarenai koto
Tengoku e no michi wa jigoku kara tsunagatteru
Wazuka na hibana ga honoo ni kawatteku
Togatta mama de oitsuzuketeku Go to future
A thing you want to forget is a thing you can't forget.
The path towards Heaven, is connected from hell on.
A faint sparkle changes into fire.
On a pointed way, I'm chasing it Go to future.

Wazuka suusenchi datte mezashita basho ni mukatte
Susunde yuku tomaru nante
Kokoro ni aganatte sukoshi demo akirameru
Sonna mirai de nani ga ieru
Susunde yuku tomaru nante
A faint couple of centimeters, because I face the place I aimed at.
I'm going on, but stopping is
making up to the heart, but bit by bit I'm giving up.
In such future, what will I say?
I'm going on, but stopping is...
No official lyrics released yet, lyrics reproduced by ear. Might not be fully accurate at the moment.


  1. Thank you.
    Could you check request section?

    1. Uhm, yeah of course. But I wouldn't know anything what would be there for me to check other than unfinished requests. Please be very clear and specific when you want me to look at something.


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